Creative Table Setting Championship

Tablescaping gets competitive, and it is a delight to behold. Get ready for an exciting artistic competition showcasing the skills and expertise of professionals in the food service industry. Proposed to partner with Indonesian Food & Beverage Executive Association (IFBEC), this event invites chefs, servers, and professionals from the food service industry to compete against one another to set up the best buffet and tables.

Only at The Hotel Week Indonesia 2019, Creative Table Setting Championship offers an event to showcase the skills and creativity in competitive tablescapeing. Contestants use their wildest imagination to come up with wonderful themes, elaborate designs, and eye-catching décor by brainstorming color schemes, picking the right choice of linen, selecting the best art décor, as well as choosing dishes and flatware to create an award-winning table.

Judged not only on the creativity of the table but on how perfectly it is set; judges will take a closer look at the placement of each item as much as the perfection of the decor. This championship challenges professionals from the service industry to use their creativity and skills to come out on top and win the ultimate prize.

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