The 3rd Housekeeping Olympic Indonesia Championship

A medley of different competitions of national proportions for the housekeeping sector in hospitality, partnering with Indonesia Housekeeping Association (IHKA). With 6 different hotel housekeeping skill competitions, it invites more than 350 participants. Housekeepers from Indonesia’s best hotels all across the country are teaming up to compete against one another in a live competition taking place in front of thousands of visitors for this annual championship.

Housekeeping Olympics Indonesia is a challenging event held by housekeepers for housekeepers to find the best of the best. This event will be back in 2019 and it will be even bigger and better. A championship testing hotel housekeeping skill, this event comprises of:

  • Bed Making Competition
  • Towel Art Competition
  • Linen Folding Competition
  • Houseman Skill Competition
  • Hockey Sweeper Competition
  • Tissue Tossing Competition
Be kept on your toes trying to keep up with exceptional housekeeping skillfulness from contestants working hard to compete against one another. Thousands of visitors turn up in full swing to watch the housekeeping teams, who are a vital part of the hospitality industry, compete and be given the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities. The Housekeeping Olympics Indonesia will once again grace the stage of The Hotel Week Indonesia 2019, bringing the show floor to life with an exciting and challenging championship to find the best of the best.

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