Receptionist of the Year Championship

A national championship partnering with Hotel Front Liners Association (HFLA) to find the receptionist of the year. The Receptionist of the Year (ROTY) championship is back this 2019. Programmed to be held for more than 200 contestants with several expert judges who are seniors and respected professionals in the industry. This event that will take place at The Hotel Week Indonesia 2019 will showcase the skills of hotel front liners. Highlighting the abilities of receptionists to tackle problems and provide information, this is a prestigious national event that many hotels across Indonesia participate in.

The competition’s main objective is to be a training tool for current and future generations of receptionists so that we can provide excellence in service and excel in the hospitality industry. It is a challenging experience that incorporates all aspects of what it takes to be a great receptionist.

Joined by teams and participants that are receptionists representing the biggest hotels from all over Indonesia, this is a respected championship that provides a great reputation and credibility, as well as some prestigious prizes. Comprising of several different stages in the championship, this contest looks to find the best of the best. The rounds comprise of a Written Assessment, Interview, Written Examination, and prepare for an ultimate grand finale of championships where receptionists battle it out in a Role Play contest to see who rises on top.

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