Spa Seminar and Workshop

Partnering with Indonesia Spa Professional Association, a dedicated seminar and workshop for the spa industry will once again be held in 2019 at The Hotel Week Indonesia. Involving leading professionals of the industry as speakers and inviting more than 200 spa managers and professionals from the spa and wellness sector, this is not an event to be missed.

The Spa Seminar and Workshop brings together industry professionals, major spa associations, as well as other people of influence to talk about the current opportunities and issues facing the spa in Indonesia. Experts and professionals take part in this special event to bring the delegates thought-provoking sessions and share invaluable insights into trends, prospects, challenges, experiences, and outlooks in Indonesia’s spa industry.

Take part in this dedicated spa seminar and workshop to experience informative and engaging sessions. This is your chance to be involved in a significant spa event where you can meet fellow professionals in the spa industry. Not only will this event facilitate a learning and motivational environment to acquire knowledge and insight, but this is also a great networking opportunity to connect with new business relations and industry peers.

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